Private Art Show – Experience my Inner Weird


(St. Petersburg, FL) – Jason Dowd of Dowd Studios, LLC. announced today that on June 6, 2014 he will be holding a special “meet and greet” with him at the “Everything Dolce” desert bar in St.Petersburg, FL at 7:00 PM to kick off his roaming exhibition of some of his best pics and collections.

This is a private get together but the exhibition will remain on display at Everything Dolce for a few weeks after.

Dowd will display some of his newest additions to “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”, “A Walk Through Time” and “Beautiful People of the World”.  He may even include a few pieces he’s never displayed in any series.

This marks the first “meet and greet” Dowd has participated in since 2012 and it’s in his home state of Florida.

The event is open for viewing throughout for a few weeks in the St. Petersburg area.  The meet and greet is open to anyone who wants to come out and have fun with Dowd.  He will open up and tell stories about some of his photos which include the inspiration behind them and some fun experiences while taking them. You will be able to meet some of his models that appear in his art.  You will be able to purchase the art on display or special order a piece of your choosing.  He wants to hear your ideas, your experiences and what you think of his work or want to see.  You won’t get another up close and personal experience like this for a while.

The event is free to attend and suitable for all ages.

937 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 33705
(727) 895-4495

Copyrights and Duplication

copyright black and white.jpg-550x0

There is a common term that is associated with just about every work of art in existence called “copyrights”.  This term means that the artist has submitted their original artwork (music, fine art, photography, movie) etc… to the US Department of Copyrights; ensuring they own full rights to the piece so distribution is illegal.

With thousands upon thousands of copying illegal work, many places that deal with photo development have denied many orders because the photo was not taken by the individual, rather a third party.   If a printer does not receive a “copyright release” and prints the photos anyway, they could face a strict fine or even jail time.  If the individual who did not take the photo can’t produce a copyright release, then the printer is supposed to deny the order.

How does a lab decide if they should ask for a release to print your photo order?

1.  Any photo that uses professional studio backgrounds and lighting
2.  If there is a studio mark or logo and/or a watermark on the photo
3.  If the photo a photo of another photo or art work

Those are just a few things that should flag printers before fulfilling the order.  The best way around it is to just be sure you have the copyright release.

Does that stop you from printing the photos out on your own computer?  No of course not because you are the one authorizing the computer to print the photo.  Does the copyright still imply?  YES it does and if you are caught you could be prosecuted and/or fined heavily.

So why do artists copyright their work?  It keeps others from illegally selling the art work, and if they do steal the piece the creator will have some leverage to stop it or prosecute.  An artist wants everyone to enjoy their creativity however many artists spend a lot of money and put a lot of time into each piece.  This art work, be it a print or an original,  is considered intellectual property to the artist; so if you illegally print the piece you are taking things away from the artist illegally.  Too much stealing will cause the artist to stop doing it all together because of the loss of income or stop them out of frustration.

There are two types of copyrights:

Poor Man’s Copyright:   The poor man’s copyright is simply a undocumented recognition to the artist.  It says that as long as I have the original all rights pertaining to the distribution and display of the piece remains the sole property of the creator.  This is legally binding in most courts but the burden of proof upon the artist is very high and since there is nothing documented showing you created and own this piece it’s hard to stand in court.  International matters of art theft using a Poor Man’s Copyright is almost a non issue and doesn’t protect the right of the artist what so ever.  The bright side it’s free!

The other is a legal documented copyright:   This is where the artist submits their work for recording at the US Copyright Department.  This is then documented with a certificate.  This is legal binding, no questions asked proof that you created and own the piece of work that may be stolen, resold or distributed without the artist consent.  If this goes to court, even internationally it’s almost 100% in favor of the artist.

So are there any exception?  What does this mean for older photos?

You can’t print and use a proof or print made by the photographer or artist… so doing so to graduation ceremony, school photos, or any photo you didn’t take.  If you want more, usually the studio archives all photos so you can get additional prints.

So what about older photos, are there any exceptions?

I’ve run into this a lot.  The best advice I can give you is as follows before you print:

  • Always try to see if the studio is still open.  If they are ask them if they can send you a copyright release form.  If they can’t and they don’t have the negative, they may say “go ahead and scan the original and I’ll approve it”.
  • If they have the negative, it’s best to have it reprinted by them.
  • When doing a photo shoot, spend the extra money and obtain a copy of the negatives or CD with all images on it.
  • Copyrights generally last 75 years.  That means any photo dating back to 1945 would not have a copyright anymore unless the studio is still open and renews it.  If the studio is not open anymore, you are now the “owner” of the photo and the “Poor Man’s Copyright” would apply.  You can make duplicates of these photos without a copyright notice.
  • What if the studio went out of business even though my photo was just 2 years old?  Well, generally if the business is closed, it’s almost virtually impossible to obtain a copyright release.  Since your likeness is on the photo you would then have the rights to it.  That means you can share, distribute and make duplicates all you want – despite the fact the owner would still be alive.  You might still have a problem with certain printers so it’s best to explain to them they are no longer in business.  A copyright generally ceases to exist if the “corporation” or business entity owns the copyright and not the individual.  If it’s an individual who applied for the copyright, then regardless if the place closes down, that individual will continue to be protected by the copyright.
  • ALWAYS ask for a backup CD/Proof CD and copyright release upon each shoot.
  • Another exception is if the piece is granted by the owner a “Creative Common’s License” A Creative Commons (CC) license is one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work.
  • One more exception.  If you duplicate another person’s art or photo but put your spin on it… then it’s not a copyright infringement.

If you are unsure it’s best to talk to a lawyer or a print shop.  Let them decide as they are ultimately responsible.



Rosie The Riveter: Symbolic of a Powerful American Woman

Rosie The Riveter 4x6L

Dowd Studios just released the first artistic shoot of 2014.  The picture is the iconic “Rosie the Riveter” A.K.A. “Riveter Rosie”.  The shoot has been a long time coming for Jason Dowd, owner of Dowd Studios, LLC.  Now the wait is over as Dowd will now contemplate his next photo theme.  The picture is a part of “A Walk Through Time”.

Riveter Rosie is one of the most iconic female American symbols of the 20th century.  During WWII, when men were being drafted by the federal government and a swarm of volunteers joined the armed forces, jobs were becoming more and more vacant.  This posed a problem not only for the American economy but the war effort as well.

To keep the economy strong and the war movement in our favor, women took up the roles their husbands or male counterparts filled in their absence.  Today and then, Riveter Rosie became of the face of the strong female who did what she needed to do for her country.  The term first arose in 1942 in a song, sung by numerous musicians but made famous by Kay Kyser.

Rosie is a tireless line worker, covered in dirt and soot.  She’s flexing her muscles and rolling up her sleeve to show how strong these women are, decked out in her dark blue uniform.  The union badge on the collar showed the pride of the American worker.

Despite these amazing women taking the jobs, many realized they had to vacate their positions upon the men returning back from war, if in fact that actually would happen.  In 1945 the woman industrial worker days were over as WWII came to an end.  However the iconic symbol of “Riveter Rosie” remained strong, reminding women they can do anything and how their role was important to American’s success in WWII.

Today the icon is used as a symbol of feminism.

Dowd chose this piece to shoot because of his respect for women.  These women were the heart and soul of America on our soil.  They did what they had to do without tiring, complaining, or quitting.  They realized how much these men in war depended on them and their efforts led to America’s victory.

The photo was also caught Dowd’s eye because it’s one of the most recognizable pieces in early Americana.  It represents a time in our country where people did what they had to do, pushed themselves to better their lives and their country.  It was a time where we thought of the bigger picture and not just ourselves.  It represents the 1940s which is dubbed “the greatest generation in America”.  Another important aspect of the photo is that is shows how a woman’s true beauty comes into play.  She’s in scrubs, filthy and tired yet her beauty and feminine charm compliments the role.  It really brings this quote to light “I may not always know what I am doing, but I look good doing it”.

To see the photo visit the portfolio page under “A Walk Through Time” or see our official facebook

From One Artist to Another

You are fired!

I’ve been in the arts since I could hold a pencil; the arts are all I know.  If art was compared to anything for me it would be my air and blood that keeps me alive.  It doesn’t matter if it’s physically creating a painting or working with music, it’s what excites me and makes my soul complete.  I recently accepted that I am an A/V Geek and honestly I am proud of that!

The arts may seem easy, relaxing and rewarding.  I can’t agree more if you are doing art as a hobby.  It’s a different story if you are trying to make a living with your artistic talents.  Don’t get me wrong the arts are relaxing, easy for some and rewarding but making a living as an artist you will have to compete with some of the largest egos in the area; and in some fields it’s very competitive and it’s filled with competition.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a strong constitution.  This is not the constitution you’re thinking about, instead it’s a personal constitution.  That means you have thick skin.  This is vital to survive as an artist.  Here’s why… as an artist you express yourself through your work.  As you may know when people express themselves they subject themselves to criticism and rebuttal.

Artists are judged very harshly; their techniques will be scrutinized under a microscope.  This judging usually comes from people that have NEVER picked up a brush, acted, sang or what have you.  In my personal opinion there is no right or wrong technique in the arts it’s what it takes to get the final product out that captures your expression.  This criticism is hard to swallow for artists who struggled and put their blood, sweat and tears into their piece.  Regardless someone will always challenge you and your techniques even if they’ve never walked the path you are on.

Some people get “offended’ easily.  If you believe in God and Angels and put a religious theme into your work you will piss people off “for lack of a better word”.  Regardless of the subject matter there will always be someone who agrees and someone who disagrees.

Many artists use art to express something that’s important to them, be it a message, a person, place or thing they hold dear.  When someone dislikes your work or the subject piece it can be quite insulting for the artist.  It’s important to realize that you can’t please everyone and because they don’t like your work doesn’t mean they hate or dislike you!  This is the hardest obstacle for artists to overcome.

Regardless what you face as an artist you must know someone will like your work and someone will hate your work – don’t take it personally.  As an artist you must not stop expressing yourself through your work because of someone’s opinion; if you want to stop you must stop because the art or medium just doesn’t fulfill your heart.

I can’t stress enough how important this criticism is for an artist who chooses to embrace the message rather than take offense to it.  I look at it this way… if you take their criticism into account, you can better yourself and maybe help reach others that have the same opinion.  If you make those changes, or focus on things they want to see, then you may convert more and more naysayers.

Let me tell you some of my experiences I’ve had as an artist; it may make you feel better about your situation.

I once decided to buy a booth at the Land O Lakes Flap Jack Festival.  It’s a very large event that brings in hundred of thousands of people each year.  This particular year I was about to experience jealousy at it’s best.  Another of my competitors was showing at the Flap Jack festival as well.  On his break, he decided to stop by my booth and tear apart everything I did from technique to subject matter.  He was abusive, I mean he even attacked me.  He told me “damn, this festival will let any trash into here as vendors”.  After trashing my work, I went to use the bathroom.  Upon coming back I caught him photographing my work, so close up he could have resold my work.  I called security over who made him erase his compact flash card.  So if my work was so bad, why did he decide to photograph it?

At the same festival a year later I was across the row to another artistic photographer.  He was highly offended that I showed up, however I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and this man wasn’t so I could not be denied a booth since the Chamber sponsored it.  When I  arrived home and checked my e mail I noticed this individual sent me a death threat; trying to persuade me from returning.

One guy told me over Facebook how much he loved my work.  Then I found out through an e mail he accidently CC’d to me from another guy I worked with this man absolutely hated me and my work.  He said “a 2 year old could do a better job”.  He didn’t know it was accidentally sent to me, and the following afternoon he wrote to me and complimented me on how amazing my work was that I had just posted.  This was probably my worst back stabbing event.

I could have curled up in the fetal position and quit what I loved but I never let that happen.  Instead I embraced the criticism and grew as an artist.  I never took it personally because I understand everyone has their opinion.  For instance many people adore Phillip Phillips from American Idol… I can’t stand his vocals.  I don’t hate the man but I don’t enjoy his music and that’s OK.

If artists take every critique to heart they will be in a mental hospital faster than your tires go missing in NYC.  If you take attacks against your art serious, maybe the arts aren’t for you.  Remember the field is flooded with competition; many attacks come because of jealousy or to try to remove their competition.

You can’t be an artist and look to please people… we hope that in the end that happens but you MUST please yourself first; the rest is the icing on the cake.


A New Way to Fly Music Video – CP Kelley

Here is the OFFICIAL music video for C.P. Kelley’s “A New Way to Fly” song off his new album “Absolute Redemption”.  Produced by Dowd Studios.  A special thank you to Kimberly Rebman, Carmalita’s Restaurant in Largo, FL, The May Stringer House in Brooksville, FL and in loving memory of James “Jim” Krandendonk who died a few days after the taping, he played the boss who fired CP Kelley.  The song can be purchased on iTunes or at

The Mask – Entry for Visual Poetry Show

The Mask

Written by Jason Dowd – 2011


A mask we wear, our face we hide

To conceal emotions we can’t confide

To mask the truth of lies we weave

To protect ourselves from whom we deceive

It hides our depression, sadness and fears

From being exposed to our close peers

This mask someday your soul will break

For it does not fix the problems at stake

Lies don’t last, they are weak and shall crumble

Reducing your life to a pile of rubble

Take off this mask and you shall see

The weight is lifted, your spirit is free

Be proud of yourself and who you can be

It’s the true you we want to see

For the TRUE you is all you need to be happy

Isolated and Insane – Entry for Visual Poetry Show

Isolated and Insane

Written by Jason Dowd
– 2011


I’m on the floor I can’t take it anymore

This silence eats at my soul

The thoughts in my head are driving me insane

Only adding to my pain

The peace and solitude were short lived

As the voices in my head drown out the silence

I’m a walking time bomb, slowly going insane

My world will never be the same

I look in the mirror and don’t recognize my face,

I’m a failure and a disgrace

Waiting now for a saving grace

All that is, is a person to share my space

Halloween Horror Show- Featuring Jason Dowd

What started off two years ago has grown into a story telling volume of art. “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”, a photographic art collection by International Exhibiting Photographer Jason Dowd has just completed the third volume of his collection.

[Read more…]

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