Photo Restorations

Unfortunately accidents happen; however if they happen to your photographs… the good news is that it isn’t the end of the world. Most photos can be restored.

At Dowd Studios, Inc. we perform all kinds of restoration services for our customers. The only thing we want to make perfectly clear is we can’t fix the original photograph. We can only photograph it and digitally edit the damage away,.

There are levels of damage from minor to level 3 severe. We handle all cases for you and when the work is done we give you a CD with the enhanced image as well as help you preserve the original damaged photo… so you can keep the original on hand for sentimental value. All of our work is fixed by hand.

EXAMPLE 2 – Look how we restored this treasured memory.  The photo (circa 1975).  Severe sun bleaching cause this damage





Level 1 – Minor Damage ($20/hr… minimum 1 hour)

Scratches, dust, creases, slight discoloration, finger prints, contrast enhancement, Fading, color enhancement, blemish removal

Level 2 – Escellated Damage ($30.00/hr… minimum 1 hour)

Includes a more intense color fix, water damage, ripped pieces of the photo, more than a few scratches, dust, creases.

Level 3 – Severe Damage ($45/hr… minimum 1 hour)

Severe color darkening, severe yellowing, head swaping, teeth whitening, adding pieces to the picture, enhancing blurry photos.

Level 4 – Extreme Damage ($65/hr…minimum 1 hour)

Complete reconstruction, digitally recreating a new background, removing people, severe damage to anywhere on the photo that causes you to not recognize the photo. Recolor black and white photographs, water damage, photo stuck to glass.


Photo Archiving…. $50.00 per 100 Photos

If you want to ensure your photos remain safe, have Dowd Studios, Inc. archive your photos for you.

We scan them at a super high resolution and place them on a disc for you. We will provide proper archiving means for your existing photos. We store your photos on our hard drive in case your CDs become lost, stolen or damaged. Replacement CDs are only $5.00.


Submit a photo for restoration (High Res preferred Level 10 / 300 DPI).  We accept .jpg, .gif and .tiff



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