International Exhibiting Artist Targets Cemetery Conservation in Art Series

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(Tampa, FL) May 6, 2013 – International Exhibiting Artist Jason Dowd is targeting his art to help promote cemetery preservation. He’s releasing an ongoing series “Restful Slumber” designed to bring the beauty and historical significance our cemeteries offer to our communities and why they should be preserved.

Growing up in colonial New England, Dowd spent many afternoons roaming various cemeteries with his parents, making grave rubbings and enjoying the garden for what it is.  He saw many of those who died during the Revolutionary War and other wars in our country.  He saw Senators and Governors who led the state and those who made the community what it is today during its formation and growth.  These people helped define our city, state and country.

In 2008 he stumbled across an African American cemetery in Land O Lakes, FL by Ehren Cutoff.  The cemetery was in absolute disarray.  He found graves were dug up and bones thrown around the cemetery.  Stones were shattered and missing.  The place was completely overgrown and forgotten.  It was then Dowd was inspired to preserve our final resting places.

Cemeteries are the places where we leave our loved ones, people we care about.  To see that vandalism take place breaks my heart.  Those who vandalize cemeteries have no respect for anyone, no respect for their community or history.  I want this series to show people the beauty these places offer and in doing so inspire those to preserve history!”  says Dowd.

“Restful Slumber” is a series that brings the beauty and grandeur these cemeteries offer and brings it to life.  He hopes that people will understand that these stones represent someone’s life and legacy while they were on this earth; it’s all that’s left of their existence.  These stones show the town’s history, the state’s history and open our eyes to preserve this history, beauty and memories they portray.

The series is exclusive to his website and hopefully in 2014 it will be ready to be on display in galleries, museums or city halls.

Jason Dowd’s Art Work Lands in Ohio Gallery


The controversial art series “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” series by Jason Dowd of Dowd Studios is coming to Columbus, OH.  His work was picked up by the Mac Worthington Gallery which will display this haunting art series.

Dowd’s work will hang in the gallery from June or July 2013 for a period of 60 days in his “Experience My Inner Weird Exhibition”.  In addition Dowd will be a featured artist in their online gallery for the month of May; a rare invitation by the gallery for brand new displaying artists. To see the feature visit

The collection will contain pieces from all volumes of the “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection and since it’s a family friendly gallery his more conservative pieces will hang on the walls.

Since the collection was first shot in 2010, his work has hung in San Diego, Atlanta, Macon, Tarpon Springs, Tampa, Arcadia and Hong Kong, China.  Now the series comes to the Midwest for the first time since the series debut.

The collection’s success comes from a few key factors.  Each series tells a story, many of the stories are written on Dowd’s blog on his website.  Each photo is carefully casted and researched from the costumes down to the techniques to make it look real.  Finally the third factor in the success is that it portrays things most artists won’t dare to tackle; this causes the viewers to think and react.

Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” pretty much sums up the series.  It covers things that makes your stomach turn or makes the hair on your neck stand up with its horror and nightmare ambiance to magical and fun loving characters.

“This is such an honor to be included in such a great gallery and to have my work hang with dozens of other phenomenally talented artists is something I take great pride in.  I’ve always wanted to get into Ohio and now my dream is a reality.  I have family and friends here so that makes it even more special” says Dowd.

Dowd’s goal with his work is to tell a story and portray the need for balance in life between the good and bad.  Dowd is not afraid to walk the line to get a point across or invoke some kind of emotion or thought.

“I want people to look beyond the outer appearance and look at what the piece is saying; just because it looks like some kind of horror shot it may have a beautiful underlying meaning.  Don’t judge a book by its cover” says Dowd about his series.

Some of the signature pieces in the series are “Death to Yesterday”, “I Love You Always”, and “Angel in the Sky”.

Come out and see the collection while it lasts at the Mac Worthington Gallery in Columbus, OH and keep checking his website to see if the collection is coming to a city near you.

For more information visit

A Haunted Soul “Reprise” In Editing Stages


In 2012 I released my autobiography regarding my art that was inspired by many years of incredible paranormal experiences from psychic phenomena to full out demonic entities attacking me.  These experiences led to my controversial art series “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”.

After the release of the book my former publisists failed to promote the book to it’s fullest even though I was working with them as an employee.  They refused to let me talk about the book because it was “controversial”.  Thanks to that, the time span for the book to gain exposure has long lapsed.

The feedback from those who purchased and read the book was astounding.  One reader commented on it asking if I would do a reprise.  They are a visual reader so she creates the images inside her head when she reads.  She loved the photos but it didn’t allow her to create her own image of the story.  She asked me if I would consider removing the photos.

After careful consideration I decided to compromise with her.  The photos really needed to be inside the book because the book described the particular series I shot for my art collection.  Without them, the readers would not get the full grasp of the series.  However, seeing her point and knowing the book could fail to be on the best selling list because of a photo didn’t seem right to not take her up on her suggestion.

The compromise is simple, I am creating an index at the back of the book where the series can be displayed and referenced to the chapter. At the end of a chapter that the series is about it will guide them to the index section to view the series of photos.  This will allow those who want to read the book and create their own visual scenario from reading, or those who want to see the photos the ability to do so in their own manner.

To enhance the book I added some more psychic experiences, encounters with spirits, and other cool goodies like “fun facts” where they make sense in certain chapters.  These fun facts can be anything from stats, supporting proof or an instance in my life that pertains to something in the chapter.

The book is in the final editing stages.  I hope to have the book re-released in the summer of 2013.


Dowd Studios Offers iPhone Skins


Want to customize your iPhone to make a fashion statement or show off your individualality?  Now you can, and since cell phones have become an extension of one’s self it’s important to make sure it represents you.

Dowd Studios now offers iPhone 4 skins to our customers.  The skins can be customized with your own photo you took, one we took or have one of your favorite art pieces from “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” or “A Walk Through Time”.  They make a great way to show off your family, your pets, your interests and your personality.

The cost for the service is $16.00 for one (your photo or portrait from Dowd Studios) or $25.00 for one of art pieces of your choice.  Buy 2 for $28.00 (price is NOT for pieces from our art collection.  Art Collection pieces are always $25.00 a piece).

To order simply send your photo to we will call for payment or invoice you through PayPal.  Send the title of your favorite art piece from the above mentioned collections to have that order fulfilled.


1940s Pinup Series Added


I recently shot a new series for “A Walk Through Time” portraying the 1940s.  The era has a passion for Americana as the United States was deep in WWII.  It was a time for pride, a time of values and treasuring family.  The traditional dance led to a new style called “Swing” and it was a time of major prosperity throughout the country.

This series was shot with Venessa Marie, who has modeled for me before.  She took on a new pinup look for me which was done with the utmost professionalism.  What we got was a great shoot with amazing photos.  Some of the photos and poses were inspired by my great aunts house and the stacks of magazines she horded in the other side of her house.  Here is my brief memory of that:

I can remember going to my great aunts house (which BTW) was built in the 1600s.  She had another side to her house that she never let us go into, except for rare occassions.  When I got the opportunity I found it completely engulfed with old treasures.  One of them was the boxes and boxes of the Saturday Evening Post, my first run in with Norman Rockwell.  Those magazines, with that house and seeing her treasure of old photos made me fell in love with the past, the nostalga.

Check out the new Hollywood style Starlet shots and the 1943 Saturday Evening Post mock cover and 40s glamour pinups I shot by going to the portfolio link and mouse over “A Walk Through Time” to see the whole collection and every photo in this series with Venessa.

Dowd Studio Decommissions Earth Angel Collection


Dowd Studios will be decommissioning their second collection titled “Earth Angel”.  The series was designed to portray the fight between good and evil, angelic figures, epic confrontations and more.  The decision does not come easy but it’s a decision the studio feels is one that is necessary.

The reason behind the decommission stems at the lack of participation and interest.  Many models don’t want to be seen or associated with anything religious.  In fact, this series has been one of the hardest to get models to participate in.  It seems if people portray angels they may be “branded” Christian.  In the new wave of atheism, the series just can’t get off the ground.  The other problem lies in the fact most galleries refuse to allow the studio to display any photos from this series.  They don’t want to “offend” anyone.

Sadly, it only will offend about 2% of the people out there.  If someone gets that upset that a gallery displays work that portrays the artists PERSONAL religious beliefs, so much that they refuse to return; to us the gallery isn’t losing out and the person is being intolerable.  However it’s better to impede the 1st Amendment rights of the artist than to lose a potential NON PAYING customer.

This particular scenario clearly shows change must be made and galleries must stand up for the political, religious and other points of view for their artists.  As artists, we know we can’t please everyone so why try; artists instead tend to please themselves with their expressions.

Until things change, the signature pieces of “Earth Angel” will be combined with “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy Volume 4” and the rest of the images will be retired.  Some of those retired images may return in the near future.

The studio apologizes for the decision, but without any place to show these items the effort to solidify shoots by convincing models to portray these entities is useless.

Dowd Studios Releases New Series of A Walk Through Time


I have always been fascinated with the early 1900s, the glamour of the flapper women, the men of stature and wealth.  The clothing was elegant and Hollywood was classy.  Yes I love the roaring 20s, its one of the reason’s I’ve been inspried to shoot vintage photography.

Recently I added a new series to my collection called “A Walk Through Time” which features period style photographs from the various eras.  In February 2013 I shot a 1920s flapper with Missy Wray.  It was shot at the Plant House in Heritage Park, Largo, FL and the outfit came from Sherry’s Yesterdaze in Tampa, FL.

The entire series can be found at




Dowd Studios Dedicates a Photo In Memory of a Super Fan


Last week, Dowd Studios owner Jason Dowd lost a very loved member of his family, super fan, supporter and step-mother Jackie Dowd.  It was quite sudden and sent a shock down through the entire family.  Following the death, Jason wanted to honor her in a way only he can; to do so he decided to dedicate a photo to her memory.  The piece is “Abandoned Road – Path to Nowhere”.

This photo was chosen for a few reason.  The first and most important reason was Jackie was there witnessing the photo transpire.  Second, this photo was seen on FOX Good Day Tampa Bay, and it’s part of her home state of Georgia.

It was a cold day as I can remember, Jackie, Fran and I were driving back from Hawkinsville, GA where we were taking photos for my “Georgia Collection”, and Jackie tagged along.  We were driving down this street which brought us into downtown Hawinsville, the day was gloomy as you can see, the Pecan trees were bare which gave it an ominous feeling.  I stopped the car and let the cars behind me drive by.  I got out in the middle of the road and yelled to Jackie and Fran to watch my back for cars.  They asked why but they got their answer.  I laid down in the middle of the road and shot this photo.  After I got up and returned to the car Jackie told me I was just plain nuts, she never would have done that on a busy street and I said, that’s what makes me so spontaneous. After that shot we drove to my Dad’s work and had some dinner with her and my dad, it was nice.  After that we went home and watched the Patriots defeat the New York Giants to go 16-0 for the season, the first team in NFL history to go 16-0 in a regular season“.

When Dowd sees this photo he thinks of that amazing day capturing this photo that mesmerize people when they see it.  It looks like it was a horrible day, but the ugly turns beautiful and the day was actually one of the best days Dowd had and he shared it with Jackie.

This photo will forever be dedicated to the honor of Jackie Dowd, one of his biggest enthusiasts and supporters of his work in addition to his father, mother, wife and brother.


Major Changes: Dowd Studios Will Not Be the Same


2013 is a time of reconstruction, everything has to change to protect the integrity of the studio and what we’ve worked so hard for.  Some of the changes are not easy to swallow but regardless it must be done.  Effective January 1. 2013 Dowd Studios downgraded our services.  We are no longer a studio that offers the general public portraits anymore.  We will still take jobs like this but it will be very selective.  Instead we are focusing our efforts on the following:

Photographic and Fine Art Work:

I have spent countless weekends and weeks planning and executing my art work since 2010.  There aren’t too many things I’ve enjoyed more, that’s why I intend to expand my art series and continue the “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection.  With more time to concentrate on art topics I can grow creativity and try ideas I’ve only dreamed of.  I can also focus on selling the pieces I’ve created and finding places that will display my work.

In addition, I look forward to experimenting with different forms of art.  I started off with charcoal sticks back in the early days of my youth and it led to oil painting. I would love to explore more of those mediums as well, returning to my roots.  I wanted to do this early in 2012 but with the job I was working I never had time to dedicate to it.  Now that’s changed.


Commissioned Art Pieces:

I love the art I’ve created but I would LOVE to create pieces specific to individuals.  This can be from the “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection, Vintage “A Walk Through Time” or anything else someone can dream of.  I will be creating movie like portraits and allowing people to be the focus of their own imaginations that come to life through art.  I will finally be accepting commissioned work, the budget determines the complexity, but the skies still the limit.
Internal Changes:

As you may have noticed, we’ve changed our PR company.  We are now represented by Your Publicity Company.  We also downgraded our corporation status from a C Corp to a LLC.  We did this to avoid potential tax increases, Obamacare fees and other regulations that could shut down the studio.


Paranormal Focus:

I love the paranormal, it engulfed my life and it shows in my pictures.  In 2012 I released my book “A Haunted Soul”.  In 2013 I will be releasing a reprise of the book with a new chapter and more adventures.  I will also focus on helping people with the exact same problems I faced, on their own level.  I want my book to inspire and  comfort those who walk in the shoes I’ve treaded through life in since 1986.
There are more changes coming but for now this is the plan.  We will still offer studio features that relate to art such as photo restoration and proper archival of your photograph memories.  We will create graphics and of course websites for those who need them.

Jason Dowd Collaborates Roaming Worldwide Exhibition

International Exhibiting Photographer Jason Dowd is collaborating a worldwide traveling exhibition of his famed series “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” called “Experience my Inner Weird Exhibition”.

The tour would be the first of its kind for Dowd and his series.  Throughout the years he’s had his work shown in Hong Kong, China and throughout the US but it’s always been one or two pieces.  This tour would be a continuous roaming exhibition of his work that contains 21 pieces selected by the artist himself.

The exhibition is currently in the planning stages as Dowd tries to establish museums and galleries throughout the US and England that would like to display the work.  Part of the tour includes an in person meet and greet with Dowd.  There will also be special promotions and other interactive features for those who host the exhibition. 

Dowd isn’t just looking for galleries and museums; there are lot of reputable places like office building rotundas, café’s and other establishments that would make a great location for his work.

The length of display time will be at the digression of the establishment who can host the exhibition for two weeks to 6 months.  Dowd is not asking for payment and no out of pocket costs are required by places who will host the exhibition.

The goal of this exhibition is to put out something different in terms of art.  Something people are not used to seeing yet it sparks conversation.  There are pieces that include a horror theme as well as fantasy and mystical creatures.  The establishment will be able to choose what pieces they would like to display at their establishment from the selected pieces previously chosen by Dowd.

The preempted launch date is January 2013.  Dowd is looking for sponsors as well as establishments to host this roaming tour of his work.

Currently Artistic Studio 30 in Tarpon Springs has accepted the offer and will host the exhibit in 2013.  Find out more about them by visiting

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