BREAKING NEWS: Dowd’s Artwork Comes HOME!


My whole art collection started in 2010, in a small town called Brooksville.  I went with Willow and Faythe to a house called the “Saxon House” to shoot “Isolated and Insane”.  The shoot was meant to be outside but upon arriving to the home I found all the doors wide open.  We proceeded to go inside and shoot the series that has been known to “chill people to the bone” as I’ve been told.  It was a profound series about being alone and the impact it has on an individual.  The house was in utter disarray and honestly was a signature away from being condemned.  It was a sad house that allowed for the perfect background.

I was happy because I got to capture this house one last time before the wrecking ball came and demolished what was left of this historic 1875 home owned by Frank Saxon.  It was immortalized in my art.

Shortly after I returned for another shoot with Charlene and Brian Amis for my “Demon vs. Angel” shoot.  Again, it provided for a profound background to recreate one of the most horrifying and life changing events in my life.

In 2011 a band called and wanted a “gloomy” look for their CD cover and I knew just the place; the “Saxon House”.  Upon arriving I found that the doors were boarded up and drilled shut.  The windows were the same and I would NEVER step in that house again.

It laid vacant and boarded up from 2011 to 2013 when I heard someone purchased the house. I was nervous they were going to redo the entire house turning it into something it shouldn’t be.  I saw they painted the exterior which changed the look and that they were going to perform weddings there.    That made me feel better.

So, lets skip now to July 2014.  I get an interesting call that the May Stringer House (Brooksville Heritage Museum) wants to sell my book and have a book signing party.  I was in HEAVEN to say the least, it was a dream come true.  After reading my book, they decided to work my art in to one of my favorite places ever.  I felt proud to be able to show my work and help out a great museum and home that captured my soul and my heart.

Then two weeks ago I heard that the group working the ghost tours and the gift shop had a falling out and left the May Stringer home.  I thought this was the end of a beautiful dream; but instead it was about to get even better.

They told me that they knew the people at the Saxon house and they were going to help them restore the house to a museum and run ghost tours.  They wanted me to stop by and “read” the place.  So I did on Saturday, August 30th.

It was the first time I entered the house since those photos in 2010.  Walking in was a bit surreal as they tore all the plaster off the walls with only the beams exposed.  The fire places upstairs were pulled out (the ones in my photos), because of the damage but were going to be redone.  I heard what the resident ghost was telling me on what they wanted the owner to do.  Some believe in stuff like that, some don’t and that’s OK but what I saw and was told will be epic if implemented.

After doing the reading, I came downstairs to be offered one of the most GENEROUS opportunities.  It gives me chills and chokes me up just thinking about it.  I will go and volunteer to fix up the place.  After I will be able to help with the ghost tours and YES it is haunted.  Then March 8, 2015 I will have a private book signing there.  To top it off my work will be on display and for sale.  The pieces I took in 2010 to preserve the house for when it will fall to a wrecking ball will hang on the very walls of the house as it gets a second chance on life; as I am right now myself.  WORDS can’t describe how that feels and to be a part of it’s second coming is so profound to me, that being honored isn’t a strong enough word.

March 8, 2015 I will bring my work back to the house where my art started.  This house and me will start our second chance on life together that night.  This event will have a live musical performer, wine and finger foods.  You will hear me talk about my art series and the secret stories behind them.  You will see the “before and after” of this house through my art and the emotions captured inside.  You can buy a ticket for $30.00 which goes to support the museum and it gives you either a signed book or art piece of your choice.  You can come for free as well but we can’t guarantee any photos or books will be left.  It will be a night to remember!  I also look to have some of the models there on hand “in costume” to recreate those photos.

I want ALL my family, friends and fans to come and experience something not many artists get to share.  Because of the changes to the walls these photos will NEVER be able to be shot again as it will all change now so this series is officially a “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” series.  Please join me to celebrate this amazing opportunity and christen my second chance and celebrate my accomplishments since 2009!

Dowd Studios To Change It’s Name


Starting August 1, 2014 Dowd Studios will become Imagine-Nation Art Studio as the owner, Jason Dowd, transfers out of the mainstream business aspect of the business in order to focus on his passion for the art.  The focus from August 1st on will be his photographic art and incorporating other forms of art he’s enjoyed throughout the years including oils, acrylics, ink and wood burning.

As his art series grew, Dowd became less interested in making money through his art; instead the message and creativity became the primary focus.  This does not mean that he won’t do commercial or individual sittings for individuals.  Dowd Studios will still be a viable company for any major events or portrait needs but it will take a back seat to the art studio itself.

The new studio will also help rebrand Dowd’s art.  All his previous pieces will then be moved to “Imagine-Nation Art Studio” and the new pieces will then have the new logo for internet display.

Reason for the Name 

If you are asking why Dowd chose the name Imagine Nation Art Studio, we have an answer.  If you ask him about himself he will tell you he is an avid daydreamer and embraces his imagine nation.  Most of his photos come from him imagination but end up in an image.  His work encompasses people, places and myths from across the nation; thus giving word play credit to “Imagine-Nation Art Studio”.

Dowd Studios Sponsors AMP Wrestling Match with B. Brian Blair

killer_bees Dowd Studios is sponsoring this match on August 5, 2014 for AMP Wrestling in New Port Richey… get a taste here. Ticket’s available call either (727) 860-4820 or (727) 417-8407 to purchase.  IN ADDITION – I will be setting up a table for you to check out some of my art work, meet me and chat! General Admission Tickets are $8 VIP Tickets are $15 and include Front Row Table Seating w/ a Waitress, Early Admittance, Extra Matches, plus a plate of home cooked food and a soda. American Made Pro Family Pack Tickets are $40 and include 4 General Admission Tickets, 4 Hot Dogs, and 4 Sodas. We also have Military, Law Enforcement, and Firefighter discounts available: Please call for inquires.

New Series Announcement – Enchantment


After years of working on his signature series, Jason Dowd announced that he’s going to pursue another concept that stemmed from “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”

After four years of expanding his signature series “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”, Jason Dowd decided to branch off of the series to incorporate a concept of interest that appeared throughout DNFF Collection.  This branch off is called “Enchantment” and it will put both of Dowd’s passions into play; photography and writing.

The new series contains various magical creatures living out life as we know it.  It will depict colonies, natural selection, queens, and more.  The good will fight the bad,  the hunted will fight the hunter and more.  The key characters are gnomes, sprites, warlocks, trolls and fairies.

The concept will be a pre-written storyline which is based on everyday life just from the eyes of a fairy.  They will go to war against their natural enemy, play tricks on people, cast spells and more.  The series will be a combination of  cinema and story just portrayed with stills creating a magical experience anyone will love regardless of their age.

Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy will always be my ‘baby’ but this series takes something in that series and something I have a profound interest in and takes it to a new level.  It’s a collection I think everyone will be interested in as it will have various topics like war, family, and community.  It will combine male and females something I haven’t done before and it’s an easier subject to display.  I am very excited about the opportunity this brings me in my artistic endeavor” says Dowd.

The announcement came at his art show at “Everything Dolce” in St. Petersburg last Friday, June 6.

Shooting nor the plot behind the series has been created nor started yet, Dowd hopes to have this rolling by the end of July 2014.  He’s looking for anyone who wishes to participate.  Ages 5 to 40 both male and female are needed.

Private Art Show – Experience my Inner Weird


(St. Petersburg, FL) – Jason Dowd of Dowd Studios, LLC. announced today that on June 6, 2014 he will be holding a special “meet and greet” with him at the “Everything Dolce” desert bar in St.Petersburg, FL at 7:00 PM to kick off his roaming exhibition of some of his best pics and collections.

This is a private get together but the exhibition will remain on display at Everything Dolce for a few weeks after.

Dowd will display some of his newest additions to “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”, “A Walk Through Time” and “Beautiful People of the World”.  He may even include a few pieces he’s never displayed in any series.

This marks the first “meet and greet” Dowd has participated in since 2012 and it’s in his home state of Florida.

The event is open for viewing throughout for a few weeks in the St. Petersburg area.  The meet and greet is open to anyone who wants to come out and have fun with Dowd.  He will open up and tell stories about some of his photos which include the inspiration behind them and some fun experiences while taking them. You will be able to meet some of his models that appear in his art.  You will be able to purchase the art on display or special order a piece of your choosing.  He wants to hear your ideas, your experiences and what you think of his work or want to see.  You won’t get another up close and personal experience like this for a while.

The event is free to attend and suitable for all ages.

937 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 33705
(727) 895-4495

Jason Dowd Co-Hosts The Horror Express


Mixing well on interviews regarding Jason Dowd’s paranormal adventures and book, Ron Hood, Host of “Ron’s Amazing Stories” asked Dowd to co-host a horror show he was going to create.  They live in two different countries but come together to make an amazing podcast.  Dowd hails from the Tampa Bay Florida area and Hood comes from Vancouver, BC. Canada

The show features a radio horror show from the 1930s to 1050s era.  These shows were the “television” of the early 20th century.  Families would gather together to listen to their favorite show; the kids would be on the floor  laying on their stomachs nestled up close to the radio while mom and dad were snuggles on the couch.  You will hear the whole show which fits a typical horror or thriller genre.

Before the show begins, Dowd and Hood talk about some interesting stuff paranormal or just outright horrific.  The listener will then begin the nostalgic ride back into America’s early 20th century by listening to the show, then they will hear the hosts discuss the show and what they pulled from it.

The show will air once a month until the show takes off, then it will air on a more regular basis.

Both Hood and Dowd encourage the listeners to submit things they want to hear them talk about, shows they enjoy that they can find and discuss and submit paranormal or strange encounters of the third kind stories they may read on the show.

To hear the show, simply click this link or go to the show’s podcast page by mousing over the “Media” link and click “The Horror Express”.

Dowd Studios Announces Morbid Sensations Series



Jason Dowd of Dowd Studios, LLC has just announced he is going to do a spin-off of his famed “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” series.  The new series will be titled “Morbid Sensations”; an eclectic blend of horror and beauty mixed with his own personal style and love for the paranormal.

The series will have photos depicting fallen angels, zombies or any “un-dead” individual, or anything that can provide a chill down your spine while capturing your curiosity through beauty.  Dowd has always had a way of taking the ugly and frightening and showing the inner beauty we tend to overlook.  Dowd feels the reason we over look it is we are not opening our eyes because we are so “programmed” to see only the new and modern; forgoing the cries of the past and outdated.

This series was inspired through a depressive phase of Dowd’s life that spanned 2009 to 2012.  He went through a variety of emotions especially finding out he had a twin sister he never got to meet and never will because death beckoned her home in 1978 when they shared a womb.  His whole life he felt something was missing, and he was right; however being without his twin he gets very emotional and goes into bouts of depression.   He personally believes it’s the twin connection… he can feel when she’s sad or when she’s happy.

Now he hopes that this phase he went through and still battles on and off will turn into something positive with this series.  Dowd strives to never go through anything in vain, learn from his experiences and share the experiences with the world.  With all he’s been through Dowd hopes this series will be extremely powerful and eye opening.

As far as “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection… Dowd will continue to work on various projects that fit the realm of this series.  He will focus more time and effort creating this new series to give his fans and the media something new to view and enjoy.

In addition to all his photo series he’s also studying the ancient art form called Sumi-E a popular black and white (sometimes with accent color) water color techniques.  This is a wonderful challenge because he has a vast background in fine arts yet he’s never had the pleasure to try this new art form.  In the end, he will make and sell Sumi-E paintings as soon as they roll off the production line (his tablet) for the world to see and be purchased right off his website.


Dowd Unveils BRAND NEW Photo at Mac Worthington Gallery


It’s been a while since Jason Dowd has been able to unveil a brand new piece of art to the world in a gallery and come October that will happen for the first time since 2010.

The Mac Worthington Gallery in Columbus, OH asked Dowd to display another piece in their beautiful gallery starting in October running through December.  This will be the second showing Dowd will have had at Mac Worthington in a year’s time.

This go around, Dowd will unveil a brand new piece of art not seen in public.  It comes from the fourth volume of “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection.  This piece will be perfect for Halloween.

Dowd decided to display “Resurrected” a portrait of a zombie doll that unearthed herself in a victorian graveyard.

In May, Dowd purchased the doll to extend his “haunted and creepy doll” theme he’s created for the popular “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection.  This time however this doll is not “certified haunted” like his other doll.  This doll is beautifully evil.  Her hand is missing, the skin is yellowized donned with scars and decay.  Her hair is matted and she’s in a dirty, vintage victorian dress.  If you didn’t have nightmares about dolls, this one will surely change that for you.

“I am honored to show my work once again at the Mac Worthington Gallery especially for this time of year, my FAVORITE month filled with ghouls and gobblins, monsters and myths.  This doll will be apart of more horrifying portraits and I am glad to be able to display this one to the world in a gallery who appreciates my work” says Dowd.

In addition to the gallery display, he also has a piece in their monthly buyer’s guide.  There he has “Autopsy – Jane Doe #2” for sale.

Please stop by the Mac Worthington Gallery and see this piece for the FIRST TIME in person.  While you are there, check out the other amazing artists displaying their work for this show.

Progress Energy Art Gallery Host’s Dowd’s Work


(New Port Richey, FL) June 10, 2013 – Internationally exhibiting photographer Jason Dowd has found a new home for his hauntingly beautiful art work in his home city of New Port Richey.  His work will be on display at the Progress Energy Art Gallery located on Grand Blvd. starting August 2013.

Dowd’s art work has been seen in cities across the United States including: Atlanta, Macon, Tarpon Springs, Tampa, St. Petersburg, San Diego, and most recently in Columbus, OH.  In 2010 his work hung in Hong Kong, China for a period of two months.  In 2011 his work was featured on FOX 13 Good Day Tampa Bay, and in 2008 he photographed Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign stop to the Tampa Bay area.

Since Progress Energy Art Gallery tends to have themes, his pieces from his hit series “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” or “A Walk Through Time” may or may not be on display.  Instead, Dowd may customize some art pieces to fit each theme each month.

It’s super cool to be showing in my home city for the first time in my career.  I’ve shown in places nearby but never my home city.  I love the gallery because it’s a local venue that boasts local talent.  I am a big supporter of the local art community so to be a part of it while supporting it is twice as amazing.  I can’t wait for August to come!” says Dowd.

The gallery sells art but for Dowd that is not the main focus.  “If I sell a piece here and there great, but my main goal is to gain exposure for my art because each piece or each series tells a story.  That story will impact people, invoke thought, and gain exposure for the theme of my art which promotes balance in our lives because that is the key to living a healthy and happy life. Too much of a good thing isn’t good just like too much bad isn’t good either” says Dowd.

If you haven’t been able to see Dowd’s work in person here is another opportunity.  He will also make various appearances at the gallery to see fans of his work.  Dowd loves talking about the message each piece offers.  You will be amazed at his outlook and see how normal he really is despite his crazy and macabre look to his work.  People have said he is the “Stephen King” to photography.

Come by the gallery if you are in the New Port Richey and you might just catch him there!

The gallery’s website is and it’s located at 6231 Grand Blvd., New Port Richey, FL 34652


Dowd Studios Dedicates Death to Yesterday


“Death to Yesterday” is the photo that started it all, since then the series grew to four volumes and counting.  The picture has hung in Hong Kong and in cities across the U.S. but did you know that it was a photographic image of a dream I experienced?

In 2006 I lost my best friend tragically by his own hand.  I took it personally becuase my friend kept me from doing the exact same thing back in 1993 when I was experiencing my worst nightmare.  If he had been about 5 minutes later I would not be here today to write this.  He taught me how to laugh at my problems and made me realize that a true friend will be there to help you through your worst times in life.  That’s why I took his death so hard.

I lost contact with him shortly after high school.  He thought I was going to MIT in Boston and I never got his contact information to where he was going to school.  As fate had it, I never left and neither did he and we lost touch.

In May 2006, I reconnected with my friend and tried to make plans to meet for the first time in 10 years.  Three days later he was dead and our reunion came 10 years later as I walked by his casket to say goodbye.

The thing that really hurt was the “would of, could of, should of” that I kept telling myself.  I should have been a better friend and I would have known he was hurting so I could have stopped it.  This sent me into a downward tailspin yet as it did this vision came to my mind through my dreams.  I finally realized it was my friend saying

he’s OK, you couldn’t stop what he did… however our memories are something nobody can take from you and with those memories, he’s never gone.  It was counter productive what I was doing, mourning over yesterday instead I need to collect myself and make tomorrow bright.”

That was this vision, and he was right.  When I put this vision to art it has captivated everyone that’s seen it.  Some get a different meaning but regardless, it’s a memory very sacred to me as its a conversation from my friend from beyond the grave.

June 1, 2013 this picture will hang at the Mac Worthington Gallery in Columbus, OH.  The show starts 1 day before the anniversary of his death.  This photo will honor his life in a very special way as its the first time I’ve been in OH with my work – I was the featured artist for May thanks to this photo and together we will share a memory that could only happen from a man that helped shape my life not only in life but death.

This photo also saved my life as I was also recontemplating suicide from a severe bout of depression.  This photo allowed me to show the world that balance is very important and that I can say things most avoid with my art.  This photo allowed me to create so many more stories, personal experiences which landed me on TV, featured write ups and stories from some of the most amazing fans everywhere.

Now I have the greatest honor and pleasure to dedicate this photo “Death to Yesterday” to one of the kindest, fun loving man I’ve ever met… one of my dearest friends who saves my life everyday and honor him the ONLY way I can.  Paul Knox.  I miss him so much but I know someday we will meet again and create mischeif like we did as kids.  I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me and I only hope I can return the favor to him someday, somehow.

Paul Knox
1979 – 2006

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