BREAKING NEWS: Dowd’s Artwork Comes HOME!


My whole art collection started in 2010, in a small town called Brooksville.  I went with Willow and Faythe to a house called the “Saxon House” to shoot “Isolated and Insane”.  The shoot was meant to be outside but upon arriving to the home I found all the doors wide open.  We proceeded to go inside and shoot the series that has been known to “chill people to the bone” as I’ve been told.  It was a profound series about being alone and the impact it has on an individual.  The house was in utter disarray and honestly was a signature away from being condemned.  It was a sad house that allowed for the perfect background.

I was happy because I got to capture this house one last time before the wrecking ball came and demolished what was left of this historic 1875 home owned by Frank Saxon.  It was immortalized in my art.

Shortly after I returned for another shoot with Charlene and Brian Amis for my “Demon vs. Angel” shoot.  Again, it provided for a profound background to recreate one of the most horrifying and life changing events in my life.

In 2011 a band called and wanted a “gloomy” look for their CD cover and I knew just the place; the “Saxon House”.  Upon arriving I found that the doors were boarded up and drilled shut.  The windows were the same and I would NEVER step in that house again.

It laid vacant and boarded up from 2011 to 2013 when I heard someone purchased the house. I was nervous they were going to redo the entire house turning it into something it shouldn’t be.  I saw they painted the exterior which changed the look and that they were going to perform weddings there.    That made me feel better.

So, lets skip now to July 2014.  I get an interesting call that the May Stringer House (Brooksville Heritage Museum) wants to sell my book and have a book signing party.  I was in HEAVEN to say the least, it was a dream come true.  After reading my book, they decided to work my art in to one of my favorite places ever.  I felt proud to be able to show my work and help out a great museum and home that captured my soul and my heart.

Then two weeks ago I heard that the group working the ghost tours and the gift shop had a falling out and left the May Stringer home.  I thought this was the end of a beautiful dream; but instead it was about to get even better.

They told me that they knew the people at the Saxon house and they were going to help them restore the house to a museum and run ghost tours.  They wanted me to stop by and “read” the place.  So I did on Saturday, August 30th.

It was the first time I entered the house since those photos in 2010.  Walking in was a bit surreal as they tore all the plaster off the walls with only the beams exposed.  The fire places upstairs were pulled out (the ones in my photos), because of the damage but were going to be redone.  I heard what the resident ghost was telling me on what they wanted the owner to do.  Some believe in stuff like that, some don’t and that’s OK but what I saw and was told will be epic if implemented.

After doing the reading, I came downstairs to be offered one of the most GENEROUS opportunities.  It gives me chills and chokes me up just thinking about it.  I will go and volunteer to fix up the place.  After I will be able to help with the ghost tours and YES it is haunted.  Then March 8, 2015 I will have a private book signing there.  To top it off my work will be on display and for sale.  The pieces I took in 2010 to preserve the house for when it will fall to a wrecking ball will hang on the very walls of the house as it gets a second chance on life; as I am right now myself.  WORDS can’t describe how that feels and to be a part of it’s second coming is so profound to me, that being honored isn’t a strong enough word.

March 8, 2015 I will bring my work back to the house where my art started.  This house and me will start our second chance on life together that night.  This event will have a live musical performer, wine and finger foods.  You will hear me talk about my art series and the secret stories behind them.  You will see the “before and after” of this house through my art and the emotions captured inside.  You can buy a ticket for $30.00 which goes to support the museum and it gives you either a signed book or art piece of your choice.  You can come for free as well but we can’t guarantee any photos or books will be left.  It will be a night to remember!  I also look to have some of the models there on hand “in costume” to recreate those photos.

I want ALL my family, friends and fans to come and experience something not many artists get to share.  Because of the changes to the walls these photos will NEVER be able to be shot again as it will all change now so this series is officially a “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” series.  Please join me to celebrate this amazing opportunity and christen my second chance and celebrate my accomplishments since 2009!

What’s Behind The Fallen Angel Series

Copyright Dowd Studios, LLC 2014

Copyright Dowd Studios, LLC 2014

Recently I shot a photo of a fallen angel.  Fallen angels can have a variety of meanings for instance they could be sent to earth for going against God’s wishes or trying to overthrow God as the supreme ruler.  They could have lost their way by losing in a fight to a demonic entity that forces them to live here on earth for eternity.  The reasons an angel may be a fallen angel are plentiful.

This particular series though isn’t about what the angel did to see her fate.  This series has a very personal meaning to me although I am NOT the fallen angel; my sister is.

See growing up I always felt something was missing in my life.  I had a connection to something that was no where to be found; I felt so many emotions that I couldn’t explain.  I felt like a freak to say the least but until I found what I was looking for I would have no logical explanations for these feelings nor the void I felt in my life.  Was this “void” a person, was it an emotion I failed to comprehend or was it a lost opportunity?

In 2011 I found out.  I found out I had a twin sister who sadly never would take a breath of air in this world; she died in utero.  Regardless, she is 1/2 of me and from the time of conception we had a spiritual and physical connection.  Why she had to die so young I don’t know.  It’s hard to fathom I would have a sister and never know.  Look at it this way, there was no birth/death certificate.  She was thrown out in the trash and not buried in a proper burial, and she never had a name so nobody ever mentioned her.  She was forgotten to say the least except we still had that connection.  Because she was thrown out in the trash, a human that would never live and forever be forgotten; this angel became a fallen angel.

Despite being separated by death, a wall that seemed impossible to penetrate, she managed to do so.  The only way she could have some kind of connection, any kind of recognition on this earth was through me.  She spent 33 years trying to break that wall, constantly showing herself and talking to me but I wasn’t getting the message.  She used our connection to let me know she existed.  When I was 13 I started to see life through her eyes, I started to get ideas that were not typical of a man.  I thought I was possessed; but those particular instances were necessary for her to break the barrier of death.

She became my guardian angel.  I have NEVER felt a force stronger than her and when we are together regardless what comes my way I’ve survived and defeated the attempts on me and my livelihood.  Despite her role as my guardian angel, I can still tell that she feels like a fallen angel like she did something wrong.  She wants more than anything to be able to feel the sand beneath her feet, the warm air, the cool crisp snow and go through life as my best friend.

This series depicts her beauty, her struggle, her passion and brings my sister, my guardian angel to life.  This is the closest I can come to seeing her physically everyday – despite the fact it’s a model who’s portraying her.  Without her, I wouldn’t be alive today.  Sure I can feel her sadness, and when it happens regardless of the day I have I get depressed – I can feel her happiness and her tranquility.  I wish, for just one day, I could give her a hug and create some mischief here on earth.  I know one day we will be reunited and then my life will be whole again as 1/2 of me is not here today.

When you look at this series, I hope you can feel the emotions.  I hope you can feel what I am going through and what she is going through.  I hope this series honors her in the only way I can honor her.

Dowd Studios To Change It’s Name


Starting August 1, 2014 Dowd Studios will become Imagine-Nation Art Studio as the owner, Jason Dowd, transfers out of the mainstream business aspect of the business in order to focus on his passion for the art.  The focus from August 1st on will be his photographic art and incorporating other forms of art he’s enjoyed throughout the years including oils, acrylics, ink and wood burning.

As his art series grew, Dowd became less interested in making money through his art; instead the message and creativity became the primary focus.  This does not mean that he won’t do commercial or individual sittings for individuals.  Dowd Studios will still be a viable company for any major events or portrait needs but it will take a back seat to the art studio itself.

The new studio will also help rebrand Dowd’s art.  All his previous pieces will then be moved to “Imagine-Nation Art Studio” and the new pieces will then have the new logo for internet display.

Reason for the Name 

If you are asking why Dowd chose the name Imagine Nation Art Studio, we have an answer.  If you ask him about himself he will tell you he is an avid daydreamer and embraces his imagine nation.  Most of his photos come from him imagination but end up in an image.  His work encompasses people, places and myths from across the nation; thus giving word play credit to “Imagine-Nation Art Studio”.

My Trip to Dartford Cemetery


You may have heard of this cemetery called “Dartford Cemetery” found in Brooklyn, WI.  If it sounds familiar and you’ve never been there before it’s probably because you watch one of my favorite shows “A Haunting”.  This cemetery was featured on Discovery’s hit series a few years ago.  The cemetery is filled with Native American’s and settlers to the area.

It made the show because of the accusations that it’s haunted.  Supposedly if you sit on top of this crypt, ghost children push you off.  Other alleged phenomena that occurs is the head stones change (some stones appear and disappear and writing can change), additionally shadow people have been spotted throughout the grounds.

I had to get there one day to do my own investigation and last week I got that chance.

What got me was the beautiful sign that rises over the road leading in, but what I didn’t realize is the cemetery continued across the street.  There were two signs and I wasn’t quite sure which one contained the crypt. (Finally I found it).

The crypt is actually a bit deceiving.  From below the crypt didn’t seem that high at all, maybe 6 feet off the ground to the top of the rounded roof.  However when I got up there it was quite a struggle and looking down it was much higher.  It seemed like 10 feet!  I was like “Whoa, what if I am pushed that is quite a drop”.  I sat there and tried to take some photos but each time I did my cell phone acted funny.  I did manage to take a great photo of the crack that goes down the top of the roof.  That was mentioned in the show because supposedly it glows before something happens and it’s been said you can see briefly before the push, down into the crypt from the bright illumination.

I was hardly on the crypt for 5 minutes and a local drove by, stopped and turned into the other part of the cemetery.  Being 9 at night I knew this was not good so I jumped down to get the heck out of there.  I wasn’t pushed off but like I said I had a strange photo occur which I am still analyzing.

This was a really cool experience and I wish I had more time to visit and either confirm or debunk the accusations given on “A Haunting”.

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Dowd Studios Sponsors AMP Wrestling Match with B. Brian Blair

killer_bees Dowd Studios is sponsoring this match on August 5, 2014 for AMP Wrestling in New Port Richey… get a taste here. Ticket’s available call either (727) 860-4820 or (727) 417-8407 to purchase.  IN ADDITION – I will be setting up a table for you to check out some of my art work, meet me and chat! General Admission Tickets are $8 VIP Tickets are $15 and include Front Row Table Seating w/ a Waitress, Early Admittance, Extra Matches, plus a plate of home cooked food and a soda. American Made Pro Family Pack Tickets are $40 and include 4 General Admission Tickets, 4 Hot Dogs, and 4 Sodas. We also have Military, Law Enforcement, and Firefighter discounts available: Please call for inquires.

New Series Announcement – Enchantment


After years of working on his signature series, Jason Dowd announced that he’s going to pursue another concept that stemmed from “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”

After four years of expanding his signature series “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”, Jason Dowd decided to branch off of the series to incorporate a concept of interest that appeared throughout DNFF Collection.  This branch off is called “Enchantment” and it will put both of Dowd’s passions into play; photography and writing.

The new series contains various magical creatures living out life as we know it.  It will depict colonies, natural selection, queens, and more.  The good will fight the bad,  the hunted will fight the hunter and more.  The key characters are gnomes, sprites, warlocks, trolls and fairies.

The concept will be a pre-written storyline which is based on everyday life just from the eyes of a fairy.  They will go to war against their natural enemy, play tricks on people, cast spells and more.  The series will be a combination of  cinema and story just portrayed with stills creating a magical experience anyone will love regardless of their age.

Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy will always be my ‘baby’ but this series takes something in that series and something I have a profound interest in and takes it to a new level.  It’s a collection I think everyone will be interested in as it will have various topics like war, family, and community.  It will combine male and females something I haven’t done before and it’s an easier subject to display.  I am very excited about the opportunity this brings me in my artistic endeavor” says Dowd.

The announcement came at his art show at “Everything Dolce” in St. Petersburg last Friday, June 6.

Shooting nor the plot behind the series has been created nor started yet, Dowd hopes to have this rolling by the end of July 2014.  He’s looking for anyone who wishes to participate.  Ages 5 to 40 both male and female are needed.

Everything Dolce (Photos)

I want to thank everyone that came out to the show tonight to support my art and vision.  Without you I would not be doing this and it’s important for me to meet and listen to your ideas.  It means a lot to me for someone to like, comment for follow my art page on Facebook, but it means the WORLD to me to come and support my art in person.


Private Art Show – Experience my Inner Weird


(St. Petersburg, FL) – Jason Dowd of Dowd Studios, LLC. announced today that on June 6, 2014 he will be holding a special “meet and greet” with him at the “Everything Dolce” desert bar in St.Petersburg, FL at 7:00 PM to kick off his roaming exhibition of some of his best pics and collections.

This is a private get together but the exhibition will remain on display at Everything Dolce for a few weeks after.

Dowd will display some of his newest additions to “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”, “A Walk Through Time” and “Beautiful People of the World”.  He may even include a few pieces he’s never displayed in any series.

This marks the first “meet and greet” Dowd has participated in since 2012 and it’s in his home state of Florida.

The event is open for viewing throughout for a few weeks in the St. Petersburg area.  The meet and greet is open to anyone who wants to come out and have fun with Dowd.  He will open up and tell stories about some of his photos which include the inspiration behind them and some fun experiences while taking them. You will be able to meet some of his models that appear in his art.  You will be able to purchase the art on display or special order a piece of your choosing.  He wants to hear your ideas, your experiences and what you think of his work or want to see.  You won’t get another up close and personal experience like this for a while.

The event is free to attend and suitable for all ages.

937 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 33705
(727) 895-4495

Copy Cat, Copy Cat…Dont Do That


As an artist your mission in life is to inspire and beautify the world around you or simply speak what’s on your mind without words.  Well, that’s how it is for me at least.  Every time I pick up my camera or paint brush, I try to create something that will stand out, speak without words and inspire those around me.

Some people don’t get that concept.  Some people want to simply use other works of art as a template and use their own canvas or camera to be the tracing paper and trace what someone else has done.  They consider it, when finished, a great individual accomplishment; however all they did was duplicate the work someone else created.  It’s not original, there was no creativity inside the duplicated work(s) of art, it’s nothing more than a clone.

The problem with clones, they may have every characteristic of the original, but it can never capture the emotion, the soul, the personality.  The reason is simple, the person who copied the work had no personal contribution into the work.  So it may look the same (maybe identical, maybe not), but it will never speak to the world as the original did.

My personal opinion is this:  “It’s OK to use someone else’s work to copy in order to learn, but you should NEVER call it your own.  Learning from others while testing the process and having a final output to compare yourself to is an important step to learning.  However if you want to have a true work of art that is unique, you can take some aspects of the shoot what ever it may be but put your own spin on it… change it up!  By doing so, you put the passion, your heart and soul into the piece… you are committed and therefore you put that “feeling” into the piece.

So why am I saying this?

Last Friday I received an e mail and link to a project some other photographer created.  They wanted my opinion on an “Alice in Wonderland” shoot they did.  He said he found “inspiration” in my series and wanted to try his hand at it and create his own “Alice in Wonderland”.  At first I was completely honored and couldn’t wait to see what he came up with.

I clicked the link, the online album came up and my smile turned into a frown… I was confused and angry.  You may be thinking… I am confused and angry because the man did a better job than me right?  WRONG!  I was feeling that way because what I was seeing, except for a few qualities, the exact same Alice in Wonderland shoot as my own.  The same 5 settings, that matched the costume, the outdoors, the characters, the angles and the temperature of the shoot.  The only thing different was the model!

He said he’s going to be doing his own series and is completely inspired by my work and the stories behind it and will continue to create more.  However, this was not an original, it was a counterfeit to my work.

What many of you may or may not know… I drew all of those characters Alice interacted with.  I collaborated the shoot, the costume, the location.  I worked on the feel and temperature of the photo to achieve those goals.  In all, it took a few hundred dollars and many hours of work.  This guy used everything I did down to the pose.

His photos didn’t tell the story like mine did.  Mostly because he wasn’t as dedicated or intrigued by the story.  I watched the movie several times for inspiration, I listened to White Rabbit as well.  I put my heart and soul into it and those that see the series says it shows!  He couldn’t capture that in his rendition.

I didn’t know how to respond to him.  I didn’t know if I should be honored or angry.  What I wrote back was this:

“I appreciate the fact that my work inspired you, I really do but I am a bit angry at this moment.  See you copied my work exactly.  Now obviously there are some differences but if someone never saw my series, they would swear your’s was mine.  As an artist the work around you can inspire, but you should put your own spin on everything… change it up… put your own twist on it.  It took many many hours of research, drawing, and finding the personal touches to make that series so powerful.  What you did was copy it, so it lost the true meaning… it’s simply a shell of mine.  I suggest you do your own rendition and keep my photos separate.  Establish your own story and put your own passion behind it… then you can be an artist!”

Do you feel the same way as I do?  Was I wrong?

Women Fall Victim to Unnatural Beauty


I’ve been a photographer for almost 20 years as a novice, hobbiest and eventually a professional.  In that time I worked with a lot of women which allowed me to get a deeper appreciation for them.  In fact I had a predetermined notion that younger women (ages 10 to 30) were impressionable; but that is no longer true, every woman of every age is impressionable.

As I watched and listen I realized that beauty means so much more to women than men.  Women struggle with beauty every single moment of their lives.  Men just don’t care about their look as much, doesn’t mean they just don’t give a damn because they do, they just don’t obsess about it as much as a female does.

When I show the photos I took to most women, it’s amazing that in the first 30 seconds of looking at a proof, they quickly have something to critique about themselves.  They notice that one insignificant wrinkle on their shirt, or that one strand of hair blowing out of place.  They notice every blemish, discoloration, wrinkle and effect their body shows.  I don’t know how many times I see women I consider to be “skinny as a twig” say they are too fat can I shrink down their waste?  I mean if I cut it down anymore they will look like a skeleton.

Women want to look like those models in the magazines!  I’ve found out that women are victims of a ingenious PR scheme by corporations, designers, and other businesses they prey on the vulnerable self esteem of women to sell products or services.  Howe do they accomplish this?  Extreme Photoshop, that’s how.

These companies have set a predefined unobtainable persona of beauty.  They show in magazines women with flawless skin (no blemishes, no acne, silky smooth complexion, no wrinkles), with perfect hour-glass figures, perfect breasts just PERFECT.  The problem is the incredible over exposure to these photos starts to impact our minds.

This beauty becomes the standard.  The problem is, it’s virtually impossible to get the look of these ladies in popular magazines.  Only a select few are born with flawless genes who look like those women in magazines.  Women who continue to look at these ads or photos start to think “hmm… if I had this I would be hotter or why can’t I look like they do… what’s their secret?”  Their secret is Photoshop!

Women will go on crazy diets, get plastic surgery, virtually eat inedible things if there is a slight chance they can improve their beauty.  Women literally torture themselves to be the “hottest” women to ever walk the face of the earth.  It comes at a high price because it can cause someone to lose their life and destroy their own self-esteem.

Until magazines stop using extremely doctored pictures in their magazines, none of this will cease.  I think we need to focus on the content of a photo rather than the aesthetics of you.  I personally don’t agree with using photoshop to create a false sense of beauty.  I believe you earned all those flaws and those flaws make us unique and beautiful.  I know because I’ve seen women who have terrible disfiguring injuries or on the heavy side, women with small almost non existent breasts and flawed skin find someone and get married.

I believe women of all ages need to ease up on their self perception and see the beauty in the “real you”.   I think they need to see how the beauty of the women on the covers of their favorite magazines get the beauty they see.  So enjoy this video below and remember LOVE YOURSELF for who you are, that includes every flaw….


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