As a small business nothing is more important than the testimonials of our customers and fans, it’s worth more than any dollar spent on advertising. The reason is simple, because it comes from people who know us or used us, someone who used us first hand and can recommend our services. Its not from an ad that was paid for, its from real people who really count.

We really appreciate anyone who takes the time to provide a testimony for us. Your words will be seen by millions. You can remain anonymous or you can just place your last name in to validate its not placed by us. To make a testimonial, just comment on this page, its as simple as that! We can’t thank you enough for helping us tell the world about what we do, and the customer service we stand for.

You can comment about our art or our services, the choice is yours!


Raquela – I am still so impressed by you and your magazine, your gallery work in Tampa and most especially your photography talent! It made me proud-er to be on your blogtalk show

Erskine – You’re a master at black and white photography. In many respects I prefer black and white. To colorize old movies was terrible.



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