A Haunted Soul

Ever since I can remember I have had strange encounters with the paranormal.  I’ve experienced entities from residual hauntings all the way to evil demonic hauntings.  At the age of 32 I finally accepted my gift of being psychic.  My experiences with the paranormal to my strange nightmares and fears inspired many of my art series “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”.  After the release of volume 1 from that series, people would tell me “I can only imagine what goes through your head”.  If they knew what went through my head was real, it would terrify them.

To try to explain and document my life’s experiences, I decided to write a book.  That book is “A Haunted Soul: A True Story of One Man’s Struggle with the Paranormal”.  After months of compiling 45 pages of notes, I turned to Author John Greenburg to help me put it all together to create a story that will shock, horrify and inspire!

This is my first book that tells my life’s story over 33 years, a story that will continue to grow and amaze people everyday that I am alive.  More volumes to come, and more adventures to read about as new editions will be coming in the future.


About the Book

Jason Dowd is a gifted artist and photographer who faced issues while growing up that not only challenged his beliefs, but his own sanity. He has always had a special gift that attracts the paranormal to him. Since the age of six, Jason has been able to communicate with the dead. From the very beginning, though, he feared that others would see the things he saw and as a result, he became a recluse. The worst time was in 1993, when a fierce demonic entity started to terrorize him throughout each night. Sick of the torture and beatings that came from this evil entity, Jason stood up to the demon and sent it back to where it came from. He was only fourteen at the time, and he was amazed at how easy it was to make the demon leave. He had no idea how well protected he was from beyond the grave.

The walls would come crashing down before him in 2010, when he was 31. All that he went through was explained to him, and he was exposed to one of the most beautiful angels he could ever imagine, but never knew existed as his protector. His life would never be the same, and the missing void in his life was finally filled. Now that he understands his gift and realizes how protected he is, Jason tells his story to the world in hopes that others may find comfort in it.


Release Date:  April 9, 2012

ISBN:  978-0-615-62873-8

Author:  Jason Dowd & John Greenburg

Size:  6×9 Soft Cover

Price:  $ 19.99 (Print)  /  $3.99  eBook

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