BREAKING NEWS: Dowd’s Artwork Comes HOME!


My whole art collection started in 2010, in a small town called Brooksville.  I went with Willow and Faythe to a house called the “Saxon House” to shoot “Isolated and Insane”.  The shoot was meant to be outside but upon arriving to the home I found all the doors wide open.  We proceeded to go inside and shoot the series that has been known to “chill people to the bone” as I’ve been told.  It was a profound series about being alone and the impact it has on an individual.  The house was in utter disarray and honestly was a signature away from being condemned.  It was a sad house that allowed for the perfect background.

I was happy because I got to capture this house one last time before the wrecking ball came and demolished what was left of this historic 1875 home owned by Frank Saxon.  It was immortalized in my art.

Shortly after I returned for another shoot with Charlene and Brian Amis for my “Demon vs. Angel” shoot.  Again, it provided for a profound background to recreate one of the most horrifying and life changing events in my life.

In 2011 a band called and wanted a “gloomy” look for their CD cover and I knew just the place; the “Saxon House”.  Upon arriving I found that the doors were boarded up and drilled shut.  The windows were the same and I would NEVER step in that house again.

It laid vacant and boarded up from 2011 to 2013 when I heard someone purchased the house. I was nervous they were going to redo the entire house turning it into something it shouldn’t be.  I saw they painted the exterior which changed the look and that they were going to perform weddings there.    That made me feel better.

So, lets skip now to July 2014.  I get an interesting call that the May Stringer House (Brooksville Heritage Museum) wants to sell my book and have a book signing party.  I was in HEAVEN to say the least, it was a dream come true.  After reading my book, they decided to work my art in to one of my favorite places ever.  I felt proud to be able to show my work and help out a great museum and home that captured my soul and my heart.

Then two weeks ago I heard that the group working the ghost tours and the gift shop had a falling out and left the May Stringer home.  I thought this was the end of a beautiful dream; but instead it was about to get even better.

They told me that they knew the people at the Saxon house and they were going to help them restore the house to a museum and run ghost tours.  They wanted me to stop by and “read” the place.  So I did on Saturday, August 30th.

It was the first time I entered the house since those photos in 2010.  Walking in was a bit surreal as they tore all the plaster off the walls with only the beams exposed.  The fire places upstairs were pulled out (the ones in my photos), because of the damage but were going to be redone.  I heard what the resident ghost was telling me on what they wanted the owner to do.  Some believe in stuff like that, some don’t and that’s OK but what I saw and was told will be epic if implemented.

After doing the reading, I came downstairs to be offered one of the most GENEROUS opportunities.  It gives me chills and chokes me up just thinking about it.  I will go and volunteer to fix up the place.  After I will be able to help with the ghost tours and YES it is haunted.  Then March 8, 2015 I will have a private book signing there.  To top it off my work will be on display and for sale.  The pieces I took in 2010 to preserve the house for when it will fall to a wrecking ball will hang on the very walls of the house as it gets a second chance on life; as I am right now myself.  WORDS can’t describe how that feels and to be a part of it’s second coming is so profound to me, that being honored isn’t a strong enough word.

March 8, 2015 I will bring my work back to the house where my art started.  This house and me will start our second chance on life together that night.  This event will have a live musical performer, wine and finger foods.  You will hear me talk about my art series and the secret stories behind them.  You will see the “before and after” of this house through my art and the emotions captured inside.  You can buy a ticket for $30.00 which goes to support the museum and it gives you either a signed book or art piece of your choice.  You can come for free as well but we can’t guarantee any photos or books will be left.  It will be a night to remember!  I also look to have some of the models there on hand “in costume” to recreate those photos.

I want ALL my family, friends and fans to come and experience something not many artists get to share.  Because of the changes to the walls these photos will NEVER be able to be shot again as it will all change now so this series is officially a “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” series.  Please join me to celebrate this amazing opportunity and christen my second chance and celebrate my accomplishments since 2009!


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