My Trip to Dartford Cemetery


You may have heard of this cemetery called “Dartford Cemetery” found in Brooklyn, WI.  If it sounds familiar and you’ve never been there before it’s probably because you watch one of my favorite shows “A Haunting”.  This cemetery was featured on Discovery’s hit series a few years ago.  The cemetery is filled with Native American’s and settlers to the area.

It made the show because of the accusations that it’s haunted.  Supposedly if you sit on top of this crypt, ghost children push you off.  Other alleged phenomena that occurs is the head stones change (some stones appear and disappear and writing can change), additionally shadow people have been spotted throughout the grounds.

I had to get there one day to do my own investigation and last week I got that chance.

What got me was the beautiful sign that rises over the road leading in, but what I didn’t realize is the cemetery continued across the street.  There were two signs and I wasn’t quite sure which one contained the crypt. (Finally I found it).

The crypt is actually a bit deceiving.  From below the crypt didn’t seem that high at all, maybe 6 feet off the ground to the top of the rounded roof.  However when I got up there it was quite a struggle and looking down it was much higher.  It seemed like 10 feet!  I was like “Whoa, what if I am pushed that is quite a drop”.  I sat there and tried to take some photos but each time I did my cell phone acted funny.  I did manage to take a great photo of the crack that goes down the top of the roof.  That was mentioned in the show because supposedly it glows before something happens and it’s been said you can see briefly before the push, down into the crypt from the bright illumination.

I was hardly on the crypt for 5 minutes and a local drove by, stopped and turned into the other part of the cemetery.  Being 9 at night I knew this was not good so I jumped down to get the heck out of there.  I wasn’t pushed off but like I said I had a strange photo occur which I am still analyzing.

This was a really cool experience and I wish I had more time to visit and either confirm or debunk the accusations given on “A Haunting”.

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