Dowd Studios To Change It’s Name


Starting August 1, 2014 Dowd Studios will become Imagine-Nation Art Studio as the owner, Jason Dowd, transfers out of the mainstream business aspect of the business in order to focus on his passion for the art.  The focus from August 1st on will be his photographic art and incorporating other forms of art he’s enjoyed throughout the years including oils, acrylics, ink and wood burning.

As his art series grew, Dowd became less interested in making money through his art; instead the message and creativity became the primary focus.  This does not mean that he won’t do commercial or individual sittings for individuals.  Dowd Studios will still be a viable company for any major events or portrait needs but it will take a back seat to the art studio itself.

The new studio will also help rebrand Dowd’s art.  All his previous pieces will then be moved to “Imagine-Nation Art Studio” and the new pieces will then have the new logo for internet display.

Reason for the Name 

If you are asking why Dowd chose the name Imagine Nation Art Studio, we have an answer.  If you ask him about himself he will tell you he is an avid daydreamer and embraces his imagine nation.  Most of his photos come from him imagination but end up in an image.  His work encompasses people, places and myths from across the nation; thus giving word play credit to “Imagine-Nation Art Studio”.


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