Jason Dowd Co-Hosts The Horror Express


Mixing well on interviews regarding Jason Dowd’s paranormal adventures and book, Ron Hood, Host of “Ron’s Amazing Stories” asked Dowd to co-host a horror show he was going to create.  They live in two different countries but come together to make an amazing podcast.  Dowd hails from the Tampa Bay Florida area and Hood comes from Vancouver, BC. Canada

The show features a radio horror show from the 1930s to 1050s era.  These shows were the “television” of the early 20th century.  Families would gather together to listen to their favorite show; the kids would be on the floor  laying on their stomachs nestled up close to the radio while mom and dad were snuggles on the couch.  You will hear the whole show which fits a typical horror or thriller genre.

Before the show begins, Dowd and Hood talk about some interesting stuff paranormal or just outright horrific.  The listener will then begin the nostalgic ride back into America’s early 20th century by listening to the show, then they will hear the hosts discuss the show and what they pulled from it.

The show will air once a month until the show takes off, then it will air on a more regular basis.

Both Hood and Dowd encourage the listeners to submit things they want to hear them talk about, shows they enjoy that they can find and discuss and submit paranormal or strange encounters of the third kind stories they may read on the show.

To hear the show, simply click this link or go to the show’s podcast page by mousing over the “Media” link and click “The Horror Express”.  http://ronsamazingstories.libsyn.com/webpage/category/The%20Horror%20Express


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