Dowd Studios Announces Morbid Sensations Series



Jason Dowd of Dowd Studios, LLC has just announced he is going to do a spin-off of his famed “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” series.  The new series will be titled “Morbid Sensations”; an eclectic blend of horror and beauty mixed with his own personal style and love for the paranormal.

The series will have photos depicting fallen angels, zombies or any “un-dead” individual, or anything that can provide a chill down your spine while capturing your curiosity through beauty.  Dowd has always had a way of taking the ugly and frightening and showing the inner beauty we tend to overlook.  Dowd feels the reason we over look it is we are not opening our eyes because we are so “programmed” to see only the new and modern; forgoing the cries of the past and outdated.

This series was inspired through a depressive phase of Dowd’s life that spanned 2009 to 2012.  He went through a variety of emotions especially finding out he had a twin sister he never got to meet and never will because death beckoned her home in 1978 when they shared a womb.  His whole life he felt something was missing, and he was right; however being without his twin he gets very emotional and goes into bouts of depression.   He personally believes it’s the twin connection… he can feel when she’s sad or when she’s happy.

Now he hopes that this phase he went through and still battles on and off will turn into something positive with this series.  Dowd strives to never go through anything in vain, learn from his experiences and share the experiences with the world.  With all he’s been through Dowd hopes this series will be extremely powerful and eye opening.

As far as “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection… Dowd will continue to work on various projects that fit the realm of this series.  He will focus more time and effort creating this new series to give his fans and the media something new to view and enjoy.

In addition to all his photo series he’s also studying the ancient art form called Sumi-E a popular black and white (sometimes with accent color) water color techniques.  This is a wonderful challenge because he has a vast background in fine arts yet he’s never had the pleasure to try this new art form.  In the end, he will make and sell Sumi-E paintings as soon as they roll off the production line (his tablet) for the world to see and be purchased right off his website.



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