Dowd Unveils BRAND NEW Photo at Mac Worthington Gallery


It’s been a while since Jason Dowd has been able to unveil a brand new piece of art to the world in a gallery and come October that will happen for the first time since 2010.

The Mac Worthington Gallery in Columbus, OH asked Dowd to display another piece in their beautiful gallery starting in October running through December.  This will be the second showing Dowd will have had at Mac Worthington in a year’s time.

This go around, Dowd will unveil a brand new piece of art not seen in public.  It comes from the fourth volume of “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection.  This piece will be perfect for Halloween.

Dowd decided to display “Resurrected” a portrait of a zombie doll that unearthed herself in a victorian graveyard.

In May, Dowd purchased the doll to extend his “haunted and creepy doll” theme he’s created for the popular “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection.  This time however this doll is not “certified haunted” like his other doll.  This doll is beautifully evil.  Her hand is missing, the skin is yellowized donned with scars and decay.  Her hair is matted and she’s in a dirty, vintage victorian dress.  If you didn’t have nightmares about dolls, this one will surely change that for you.

“I am honored to show my work once again at the Mac Worthington Gallery especially for this time of year, my FAVORITE month filled with ghouls and gobblins, monsters and myths.  This doll will be apart of more horrifying portraits and I am glad to be able to display this one to the world in a gallery who appreciates my work” says Dowd.

In addition to the gallery display, he also has a piece in their monthly buyer’s guide.  There he has “Autopsy – Jane Doe #2” for sale.

Please stop by the Mac Worthington Gallery and see this piece for the FIRST TIME in person.  While you are there, check out the other amazing artists displaying their work for this show.


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