Dowd Studios Dedicates Death to Yesterday


“Death to Yesterday” is the photo that started it all, since then the series grew to four volumes and counting.  The picture has hung in Hong Kong and in cities across the U.S. but did you know that it was a photographic image of a dream I experienced?

In 2006 I lost my best friend tragically by his own hand.  I took it personally becuase my friend kept me from doing the exact same thing back in 1993 when I was experiencing my worst nightmare.  If he had been about 5 minutes later I would not be here today to write this.  He taught me how to laugh at my problems and made me realize that a true friend will be there to help you through your worst times in life.  That’s why I took his death so hard.

I lost contact with him shortly after high school.  He thought I was going to MIT in Boston and I never got his contact information to where he was going to school.  As fate had it, I never left and neither did he and we lost touch.

In May 2006, I reconnected with my friend and tried to make plans to meet for the first time in 10 years.  Three days later he was dead and our reunion came 10 years later as I walked by his casket to say goodbye.

The thing that really hurt was the “would of, could of, should of” that I kept telling myself.  I should have been a better friend and I would have known he was hurting so I could have stopped it.  This sent me into a downward tailspin yet as it did this vision came to my mind through my dreams.  I finally realized it was my friend saying

he’s OK, you couldn’t stop what he did… however our memories are something nobody can take from you and with those memories, he’s never gone.  It was counter productive what I was doing, mourning over yesterday instead I need to collect myself and make tomorrow bright.”

That was this vision, and he was right.  When I put this vision to art it has captivated everyone that’s seen it.  Some get a different meaning but regardless, it’s a memory very sacred to me as its a conversation from my friend from beyond the grave.

June 1, 2013 this picture will hang at the Mac Worthington Gallery in Columbus, OH.  The show starts 1 day before the anniversary of his death.  This photo will honor his life in a very special way as its the first time I’ve been in OH with my work – I was the featured artist for May thanks to this photo and together we will share a memory that could only happen from a man that helped shape my life not only in life but death.

This photo also saved my life as I was also recontemplating suicide from a severe bout of depression.  This photo allowed me to show the world that balance is very important and that I can say things most avoid with my art.  This photo allowed me to create so many more stories, personal experiences which landed me on TV, featured write ups and stories from some of the most amazing fans everywhere.

Now I have the greatest honor and pleasure to dedicate this photo “Death to Yesterday” to one of the kindest, fun loving man I’ve ever met… one of my dearest friends who saves my life everyday and honor him the ONLY way I can.  Paul Knox.  I miss him so much but I know someday we will meet again and create mischeif like we did as kids.  I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me and I only hope I can return the favor to him someday, somehow.

Paul Knox
1979 – 2006


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