Columbus Dispatch 5/30/13


On the first Saturday of the month for more than a quarter-century, thousands of people have descended on High Street in the Short North for the Gallery Hop. The evening toasts art with new exhibits as well as shopping, eating and more.

Embracing the odd

Florida photographer Jason Dowd likes to tackle the offbeat, as is implied by the title of a touring set of his images called “Experience My Inner Weird.”

The works will be on view at the Mac Worthington Gallery, 749 N. High St.

The photographs are drawn from a large group that Dowd calls the “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection — which features images that sometimes seem to have a touch of Stephen King in them.

“I want people to look beyond the outer appearance and look at what the piece is saying,” Dowd said. “Just because it looks like some kind of horror shot, it may have a beautiful underlying meaning.”

Adding Palchick

Brandt-Roberts Galleries, 642 N. High St., has added paintings by central Ohio artist Bernard Palchick.

Some of his works feature nonrepresentational compositions of geometric shapes, lines and colors. Others take a magic-realism approach by featuring detailed looks at commonplace objects, sometimes set within expansive vistas of landscapes.

Palchick is a former chairman of the Kalamazoo College Art Department. He served a year as acting president of the Michigan college.

Playing for visitors

Music and art go together like wine and cheese.

At Terra Gallery, 8 E. Poplar St., the Jazz Gallery Project will entertain visitors outside in the small park adjacent to the gallery.

The combo will play jazz standards and originals from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday with singer Jerri Crump, saxophonist B.J. Yurkovich, bassist Doug Yoder, drummer Rick Brown and keyboardist Jeff Hersey, the gallery owner.

— Bill Mayr


avatar Hiren says:

I am a teacher in Sydney, Australia. Your vtiaurl gallery is amazing! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

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